Who are We?

We are "Lynn" and "Paul." We live in Salt Lake City with "Mick," "Mikee," Mighty," Kelly," and "Misty." Mick and Mikee, Mighty and Kelly, are all White German Shepherds. Misty is the Rogue and declares her ancestry to be from "Down Under." She is an Australian Cattle Dog. The better to "Herd" you with, My Dear!

Lynn works in the Accounting Department of a Nationwide Company whose Accounting Center is located here. She's worked for them for over nineteen years. Her love of animals began when she was a child. Having admired "White" German Shepherds all of her life, She got her first "White" July 4, 1982. Her name was "Ms. Mikee Loco, UD." Lynn enjoys Training and the many Titles earned by her and her dogs, attest to her expertise.

Paul, as an independent businessman, was involved in many ventures in Civilian Law Enforcement, and has been involved in the Computer Industry as a Consultant, in another venture. He is an Outdoors person who enjoys fishing (all over the world), collects Classic Cars, while being Mikee's "Human," a role bestowed on him by Mikee when she gave him a "first kiss," as a puppy. At Mikee's direction, Paul, aids in such necessary things as transportation, (Paul gets to drive) to and from Dog Shows, and equipment handling, (loading kennels, making sure the dog food stock and dishes are not forgotten, and the dog toys are available at a moment's notice).

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